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Book Cover Redesign

Title: The Vegetarian Book Redesign


Software Used: Indesign, Procreate, Photoshop


Typography, Illustration, Print Design

Description: Redesign a book cover. I redesigned the book “The Vegetarian” by Hang Kang. First popularized in Korea, this psychological thriller has a theme of losing oneself to the mind. Inspired by fellow Asian contemporary and expressionist artists Yayoi Kusama and Yoko Ono, they played heavy influence in my design as well.


Visually I was inspired by the designs of Rorschach inkblots and their psychological influence. This design choice allowed me to incorporate details on a very obscure novel in a more universally understood way.In addition, I studied the film Raw which has very similar topics, but in a different lens. The interpretation of the same concept in a different way allowed for me to approach the project in a sense that was different from my original vision, but potentially better addressed the assignment. This film study helped me figure out an enticing tone and approach to my design that is reflected in modern, independent cinema.

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