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Cinema 4D Character Design

Title: Cyber Chick and Gossip Glob Alien


Medium: 3D Rendering on Cinema 4D

Description: Design a robot and alien with functional moving parts and create an aesthetic character with setting, props, and clothing. Each scene includes floating objects, multiple light sources, and a set scene. The concept of the robot is that she is an artificial intelligence robot designed to be a user’s physical social media. The robot acts as an avatar for the user that takes in data on the real world through the video camera lense. The cybercig is the link between the user and the robot s the user takes in the information by inhaling their cybercig. Visually, I went for an 80’s themed look that the user would have customized for their own robot. The alien scene is meant to capture the essence of a well designed alien. This alien loves to gossip, smoke cigarettes, and go on UFO rides with her friends.

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