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User Experience Redesign

Title: Voter Registration Lookup Redesign


Software Used: Figma, Procreate, Photoshop


User Experience User Interface Design, Prototyping, Research Design


Description: This project was based around addressing barriers that limit voter turnout. Focusing on the voting registration process, we were to pick a step  to address. I chose to focus on the process of checking your voter registration. For many people, election season begins with double checking to see if they are registered or not. This process helps people prepare for voting with polling information as well as informing an individual if they still need to register to vote. Working with a group of four, together used the research methods of self-ethonography, wire framing, affinity mapping, personas, journey mapping, wireflows, and task flows to figure out a simple design focused on easy to read writing and accessibility features for those with sight or attention issues.

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