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Rotoscope Animation

Title: Davis Chu's Short Film "Falling Up" 


Software Used: Procreate, Photoshop

Description: For Davis Chu's thesis film "Falling Up", I created photo illustrations and rotoscope animations to depict a mental breakdown centering the idea of losing one's innocence. Davis and I worked together to direct and shoot the videos that I would draw frame by frame illustrations on. The visual task was to elicit a feeling of discomfort and panic while using the main colors (blue and yellow) that represent good and evil throughout the film.

Falling Up has been awarded Best Writing, Best Editing, Best Acting from the Hollywood International Diversity Film Festival (2022), Audience Choice from the New York Lift-Off Film Festival (2022),  Best Student Film by Buffalo International Film Festival (2022), Officially Selected by the Los Angeles Student Film Festival (2022), and a Special Mention from the Athens International Monthly Art Film Festival (2022).

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