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Online Niche Retailer

Title: exhale. breathe easier.


Software Used: XD, Figma, Indesign, Photoshop, Procreate


Integrated Design Strategies, Branding, Product Design, Website Design, App Design


Description: The objective of this project is to create a new direct-to-consumer specialized online retailer and create a visual identity and basic group of communication elements to promote the product and brand with. exhale is an online cannabis retailer that promotes education, accessibility, and relief. Understanding the stigma of cannabis, exhale’s modern, clean look with an emphasis on education, exhale fights the stigma of cannabis being malicious. The deliverables include a multi-level website with 14 screens, product design (Edible bags, tincture jar and box design, and bud jar designs), a tote bag line, and a line of rolling papers.

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