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Photo Illustration & Editorial Design

Title: Synesthesia Rotation


Software Used: Photoshop, Lightroom, Procreate, Spotify

Description: This self portrait series are interactive works in which the user scans the Spotify code on the image and listens to the song that I have visually interpreted through photography, typography, and illustration.

How to Interact with Spotify

1. Open the Spotify app on a mobile device and tap on the search tab. 

2.  Tap the white camera icon at the top right of the screen.

3. Point the camera at the Spotify code in the image.

Spotify will begin playing the song so one can listen to the song that the image is visualizing.

Honors and Recognition:

  • "Synaesthesia and Art, The Physical Digital Challenge" Exhibition as part of the VII international Congress on Synaesthesia, Science and Art held by the International Artecitta Foundation in Spain in 2022.

  • Cleveland State University’s Student Art Show 2022

    • Honorable Mention

  • Published in Junk Dump Magazine’s Issue “Storage Almost Full”

A Deeper Passion

Since I was a child, art has always been my passion and I was constantly trying to learn new art forms. With social media, I found the online art movement of "edits" in which artists would manipulate images into fully composed scenes for storytelling and self expression. There was a community of young artists who created beautiful, moving edits, often with limited materials. Most of my editing was done using my finger on my iPhone. 

I made this image on the left on my phone using free editing apps and it won me my first national award.


My passion for photography and photo illustration that started in middle school when I had my first phone. I used my Instagram as a portfolio of my edits which earned me a spot on the high school's yearbook staff, not typically offered unless students exhibit skill in photography, journalism, or design. Because of this, I was introduced to the Adobe Creative Cloud and design software like Jostens (a similar format to Adobe Indesign) in 2014 and worked with them daily for four years. Additionally, I learned marketing and advertising strategies that we used to sell yearbooks and raise funds for production. I was responsible for running advertising campaigns through print, apparel, and poster advertisements and organized fundraising events.

This class nurtured my early passion for photography and design and taught me how to use this passion in real life settings. In my time studying design in college, I was happy to see the similarities in these classrooms compared to my high school yearbook class. 

I have already spent a great deal of time and effort into preparing myself for a professional career as a designer and now have much more to offer than my "edits", but I will always turn to this style of art when I feel the need to express myself or connect to my true sense of creativity.

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