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Cleveland Clinic AR+ Exhibition

Title: Asian Pacific Islander Exhibition


Software Used: Hygraph, Artwork Archive, Microsoft Office, Figma

Description: A large part of my internship at the Cleveland Clinic  was the development of the AR+ app. This exhibition is my biggest accomplishment during my time at the Cleveland Clinic.

My Asian heritage means the world to me and I look for opportunities to connect to the Asian Pacific Islander community often. Inspired by a previous intern's Latin Heritage exhibition "Intercambio Internacional" (still on view on the app under virtual exhibition), I created an exhibition honoring the API community and the unique and powerful stories of API artists. Though making up 6% of the Cleveland Clinic's workforce, I could not find an event, virtual or in person, honoring the API community while others have been honored or spotlighted. I believe in the power of representation and am honored to have been able to create this.

I invite you to look at the Clinic's only Filipino artist Paolo Arao's "Tried Angles" for a brief history of Filipino Indigenous Mythology!

Find it in the app store under Cleveland Clinic AR+

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