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Student Wellness Campaign

Title: Burn Bright, Not Out

Software Used: Figma, Procreate, Photoshop, Spotify, Indesign


Graphic Design for Social & Cultural Contexts, Print Design, Product Design, Research


Description: In a group project with designers Zanna Lewkowicz and Jakob Roberts, we created a campaign for Cleveland State University's students centered around student wellness, focusing on the pressing issues of burnout and isolation. 

This part of the Burn Bright, Not Out campaign includes merchandise for the campaign to be used as promotional material and merchandise. The research aspect I focused on was a common symptom of burnout which is isolation or loneliness. Burnout causes many people to become not only exhausted from work and studies, but they become exhausted socially and emotionally, causing them to avoid partaking in social outings or connect to others. This can be detrimental to a student’s physical and mental health, as 1 in 3 college students are already experiencing anxiety and depression. With the risks involved with isolation as a result of burnout, I found organizations on campus that host social gatherings to showcase opportunities for students to engage with a community that specializes in something the student is interested in. I also curated a playlist of podcasts that help identify symptoms of burnout, ways to work through it, science based research, and personal stories of burnout to provide students with an additional resource for relief and knowledge.

Process Book

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