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Mobile Experience Design

Title: The CineFiles


Software Used: Figma, Procreate, Photoshop


User Experience User Interface Design, Curation, Mixed Media



The objective of this project was to create a user experience through an app surrounding the topic of film. My app is called CineFiles. It is a film database in the form of a journal that is continuously updated. This concept is based off of my physical film journal that I used to study for film class. The order of movies will not change, but a new film is added weekly. CineFiles is different from other film databases like IMBD or Rotten Tomatoes as this is presented in a much more personal format. Being a type heavy project, it was essential to use my wording carefully as to continue the idea that this is someone’s journal and should have expressive and interesting content The key functions of my app are film education and entertainment.


Overall, CineFiles is made for the cinephile that loves film and wants more than what is offered on screen.

My Film Journal

CineFiles was inspired by one of my favorite passion projects: my film journal. What started as a fun way to engage myself in my film studies for class turned into one of my favorite active projects. With the process consisting of watching the film, taking notes, and doing research to define an overview of the film and its specs, I marry my desire for expanding my knowledge of filmmaking with my passion for cinema.

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